Standing on Norway's Edge

Standing on Norway's Edge

Cloudless days in Norway are far and few between.  My dad and I had planned perfectly to go hiking on the only sunny day forecasted for the week.  Preikestolen, which translates to the Preacher's Pulpit, is located in southwestern Norway. It is a two and a half mile hike to the top and it's quite strenuous in places.  We headed out early in the morning, which was a great idea, because it only got warmer throughout the day.  My dad carried a backpack with our lunch, water, and warmer clothes (just in case). 

One the way up, there were small bodies of glacial water, where a group of guys had joyfully jumped in and were having a great time.  The water was cold!  I dipped my hand in and that was enough for me.  On the journey to the top, you go up many sets of stone stairs.  These were made by nomads from Nepal.  They are flown in with the sole purpose to build "natures staircases".  I can't imagine how difficult it might be.  We pushed on, our calves burning, until the top was in our sight.

It was thrilling to finally make it. There is a 1,982 foot drop from the top where I'm standing on the edge.  My dad took a picture of me, staying a safe distance from the edge.  He went and sat down on the flat top and dug out our lunches.  We happily ate our sandwiches and as soon as I swallowed the last crumb, I went exploring around the edge.

The colors of the fjord, look as if they've been painted ever so carefully, in order to create the most picturesque of surroundings.  It didn't take us long to get up (I think an hour and a half), and we came down even faster, naturally.  There were a lot of people at the top, but it didn't seem crowded during our hike, which was nice.  There's nothing more irritating than having to wait in line while you're trying to get up a mountain.

We got to our car, took off our hiking boots, which feels amazing by the way, and drove off once again.  This time we were headed to Dagali Adventues in Hol, Norway, to go white water rafting. I've rafted there four times before and think that it's so exhilarating!  We weren't going to raft the same day, but instead spend the night in a lavo (tent) with my dad's girlfriend, her kids, and dog.  This tent in questions isn't really a tent at all, but instead a teepee!

We all met at the campsite and immediately found a good place to keep the beer cold.  We had a pretty gourmet camp dinner.  There was grilled chicken in a tomato sauce,salad, rolls, and a few hot dogs (to keep with the authentic camp lifestyle).  I have to admit that sleeping on the wood floor in the teepee was less than ideal.  There were mosquitoes...need I say more?  Well anyways, the next day would be full of wet suits, fast rapids, and a near capsize.