Hooked on the Mountain

Hooked on the Mountain

Being at the hytte has always been nostalgic.  Growing up, my family would visit every Easter and spend days cross country skiing and playing in the snow caves that my farfar would make for us kids, while in the evening, we would curl up by the fire, eat chocolate, and play games.  It isn't often, therefor that I've been able to say that it was hot up there in the mountains, but this past trip truly was (I even got sunburned..what?!).

I was the first one up every morning, and spent my time making coffee and taking it outside on the porch, before it was hot, when I still needed a sweater and blanket to keep me toasty.

Eventually, the hytte started to wake up, and my sister and husband joined me on the porch for a morning that became increasingly sunny and full of blue sky. We spent most of the day, lying under the sun and bronzing ourselves, moving only to get water and to put on some music.

That evening, my sister and dad left to head back into town, while my husband and I stayed an extra day.  We didn't have to even ask ourselves what we'd have for dinner that evening.  It was hot dogs or nothing.

Every good Norwegian has a glass of delicious milk with their meals.  I only drink almond milk when I'm back in the U.S., because the real stuff doesn't even compare.  Norwegian cows just do it right.

We took an evening stroll and ran into these little guys.  In the summer, farmers in Norway bring their herds up into the mountains and let them roam free for a few months, until their gathered up again before the weather turns.  Don't ask me how they do this, but isn't a wonderful concept?  They usually make their way up to our hytte, and cool themselves in the shade of the porch.  If you're really lucky, and have some salt handy, they will come and lick it out of your hand (a favorite summer tradition of mine since I was in diapers).

We followed the noise of the bells around the mother's necks and found many of them resting by small red hytte, tucked in the shade.

The night came to a close with some wine, chocolate, and a few games of cards, before jet lag took over.

Morning brought us another, even more beautiful day than the last.  Coffee, milk, fruit, and a yoghurt was a perfect combination, taken yet again on the porch.  I'd love to be able to have all of my meals with this view.


My husband is an avid fly fisherman and insisted that he had to fish up in the Norwegian mountains. He got his gear ready, and we walked just a few hundred meters down to the stream fed pond.

We took a few dips in this water the previous two days and it was surprisingly warm for mountain water.

It isn't a complete trip to the hytte without Kvikk Lunsj.  Think Kit Kat, but way way tastier.  I sat and watched as the fisherman did his thing, hooking a fish eventually.

It was exciting spotting fish, jumping, as if taunting us ("catch me if you can").

We left the hytte that evening, suitcases in hand (they were eventually delivered the previous day), rosy cheeks, and smiling faces.  It was nice to be in a place that I'm so familiar with, yet only visit once a year.

My sister had planned two days in the city for us, so we couldn't wait to shop and explore and maybe spot the King and Queen.