New Things

New Things

It was on a recent shopping trip when Tyler and I came across an outdoor market. It had the standard booths selling meat, so much meat, and honey, but there were two things for sale that stood out to me: tea and mittens.

Tea, or chai as it's called in Russia, is extremely popular here. I was thrilled to find a guy selling dozens of varieties. Not knowing where to begin, Tyler asked him what his best seller was, and so I bought the one that he recommended.


After picking out a couple more things at the market and a few things in the store, we called it a day and took the bus home (the bus costs 20 rubles per ride, which equals to about 30 cents).

The tea I ended up buying was a black tea with...honestly I completely forgot, but it's so pretty with its flecks of purple (lavender?) and dried red berries.

I love teapots with built-in strainers. Our apartment came equipped with one and it's the perfect vessel for making a belly-warming cuppa. 

The mittens that I bought are a dream. I tried on each and couldn't decide, so they both came home with me. (Total cost: $10)

The pink ones are made of sheep's wool and the white are made of angora. The angora pair are extremely warm, so much so that my hands start sweating despite the below freezing temperatures.

I obviously brought a hat with me to Russia, but I felt it wasn't quite doing the trick and everyone walks around with these adorable pom-pom head warmers, that I felt I needed one to truly fit in. It's so warm and has a fleece lining which means my forehead doesn't get obnoxiously itchy.

I realized after unpacking a couple of months ago that I hadn't brought any active leggings and since I love me a good black set that goes down to my ankles, I had to get a pair. Luckily the city is filled with sportswear stores and it wasn't hard to find some comfortable Nikes.

They even have a secret pocket which I didn't notice until I took this picture.

Last on the shopping list was an eyebrow pencil. I knew my Sephora one wouldn't last forever, so I did some research on similar versions, and decided to give Clinique's a go. So far, very happy.

I'm sure my days of finding neat, new things aren't over, so I'll be updating accordingly.

In the meantime, I'll have some "chai" and keep warm with my new accessories.