Packing for Piter

The locals call it Piter. I'm speaking of Saint Petersburg of course, and it's where Tyler and I will be flying to next. Once our visas were safely renewed through the duration of our stay, we sat ourselves down on the couch that very evening and booked our little getaway. 

I've been dreaming of visiting St. Petersburg since before we ever landed in Russia. Tyler's told me so many wonderful things, and everyone who has been to Russia says it's their favorite city. 

Keeping the cold weather in mind, and having planned a special evening, I gathered my warm and my fancy and got to packing.

I'm not one to wear heals in the snow, but we have tickets to see Giselle at the Mariinsky Theatre and I don't really want to show up in boots, so I dug the one pair out that I brought with me, dusted them off, and added them to the pile.

 I was multitasking while packing.

 I was multitasking while packing.

I brought a few "fancy" outfits, my favorite being this dress from Anthropologie. It's made of delicate, yet thick material and is perfect in the winter.

I love my Ted Baker wool coat (seen here), but in these wintery times, it's best to go with a hooded down jacket. I love the one from Helly Hansen I bought last spring as soon as I found out we were going to Russia.

I grabbed the basics from the bathroom counter, a couple of sweaters, and my favorite Levi's.

It's great to be all packed the evening before. Our flight is in the late morning and all I want to do is wake up, shower, have a coffee, and not worry about what I'm going to bring.

I can't wait to share our trip with you. If you have any tips for St. Petersburg, leave me a comment below.

To all of you celebrating on Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving! I will miss the hustle and bustle, but am thrilled to be traveling somewhere new once again.