Weekends in Syktyvkar

Weekends in Syktyvkar

The city has transformed and there's no turning back, at least not until May rolls around. It's been snowing every day and the forecast to come is more of the same. I adore the city covered in snow. The sun is consistently in hiding behind the clouds and sets daily before 3pm, making for long nights and short days. I miss the sun, but the snow makes up for it.

We spent our past weekend outdoors, taking a walk to the river which is almost frozen. That being said, it didn't stop a few daring souls from crossing it on foot nonetheless. 

There were lots of people walking with their children, pulled on sleds, and dogs running loose in the winter wonderland.


I'm loving my new hat and mittens!


After our walk and a dinner out, we went to see a show at the theatre.  Similar to the one we saw a couple of weeks ago, it focused on cultural song and dance. The State Academic Russian Folk Choir in the name of M. E. Piatnitskii; however, hails from Moscow. 

Their voices were angelic and goose bump inducing. Their dance was acrobatic and robust, and it left the entire crowd clapping and cheering, "bravo!"

The next morning, my friend and colleague picked us up to go cross-country skiing.  Tyler and I often go snowboarding and downhill skiing, respectively, but haven't been on cross-country skis in a couple of years.  

It took a few glides to gather my balance, but much like riding a bike, it comes back in stride. I still have a long way to go before I'm nearly as good as I was as a child in Norway. 

We ended our skiing adventure in true Nordic fashion, with something warm to drink and sweet to nibble on.

Channeling Alexander Supertramp's sense of adventure, we took in our surroundings one last time, a little more rosy-cheeked and chipper, mentally planning when we'd soon return again. 

It was an utterly fantastic weekend and I can't wait to share where we'll be in just a few days time.