St. Petersburg: Streets and Architecture

St. Petersburg:                     Streets and Architecture

Tyler and I joked that it took us three times as long to get anywhere while we were in Piter, because I had to stop and take pictures at every turn. How could I not? Every building, and I mean every building, is beautiful. I didn't see a single one that wasn't worth an extra glance. 

The Architecture

We were constantly noticing different details and admiring the incredible skill it surely took to erect such impressive structures.


My favorite was this pink building, found here.



The subway, while not quite as ornate as Moscow's, is still more brilliant than any subway system outside of Russia.

Make sure to look up when you get on and off the never-ending escalator ride (one is 410 feet long!). The mosaics are different at every stop, each portraying a bit of Russian history and culture.

The Streets

On our second morning in the city, we woke to a blizzard. We could only look down at your feet, and it made us glad that we'd layered on our sweaters. It did; however, make for a magical, nearly deserted walk to breakfast (food post coming soon).

In fact my favorite walk was along the Moika Canal on Naberezhnaia Reki Moika. Just go ahead and take a virtual gander. Maybe you'll even spot the blue door that I posed in front of.

Palace Square

Palace Square

This breathtaking stretch of road (below) was on our way to dinner and Au Pont Rouge which I mentioned in yesterday's post.

Tyler and I both loved this clay colored building above. I wonder what the story is with the blackened siding. Maybe there was a fire long ago? Maybe the corner bit was rebuilt?


Parks & Gardens

Summer Garden, across the canal from out hotel, was beautiful to walk by every day, especially when the fresh snow landed.

Near the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, there is another idyllic park, Mikhailovsky Garden, in which the Russian Art Museum is safely hidden.

Just don't take a wrong turn, or you might miss it;)

I'll take you inside this museum, The Hermitage, and a few other must-see places tomorrow. 

Hope you're enjoying the tour thus far!