A Weekend of Arts

A Weekend of Arts

This past weekend I went to my first Russian show. To say it was beautiful and mesmerizing would yet be an understatement. I had goosebumps continuously throughout the evening and had a smile stretched across my face that I couldn't control.

When the choir opened their mouths to sing, I felt instantly transported to the morning hymn scene from The Sound of Music. Everyone's voice was so perfectly harmonized and in tune, that for a moment I thought they might be lip-synching (they weren't).

The singing wasn't the only impressive part of the show. The dancing, especially by the men, was an acrobatic feat that kept you guessing where they were going to leap to next. 

I've been raving about the show, called, Под русским небом (Under Russian Skies) performed by the group, Асъя кыя (As’a kya) to anyone who will listen, and now that I've wet my appetite with a true Russian performance, I can't wait to see many more.

Our weekend wasn't over yet and with such a beautiful landscape of snow, we took to the streets the next morning for a visit to the National Gallery of the Komi Republic.

We started on the first floor with a visit to Van Gogh's studio.

"Alarmed Tyler"

"Alarmed Tyler"

"Casual Tyler"

"Casual Tyler"

After we had our fun, we moseyed our way through the rooms, each with art of a different style and from a different time period. I took some pictures of the ones that made me linger just a moment longer.


This picture below was one of my favorites. I couldn't believe how the artist made the match in her right hand illuminate the painting in such a realistic manner. (Listen to me sounding all "docenty." And over here, to your right, you'll notice...)


We had a pretty intense staring contest, this guy and I.

Another favorite was the man standing in his kitchen. I love every detail and realistic setting, down to his Crocs-like sandals.


This suave gentleman is carved out of one solid piece of wood. Not bad, eh?

I'm eager to take in more shows and art during our stay. I hear the Royal Moscow Ballet calling my name already.