Embracing the Cold

Embracing the Cold

This week we are going to be dipping into temperatures that up until recently, I felt fairly certain only penguins and polar bears ever dared live in. Schools have been cancelled and heaters are turned all the way up, but locals still throw on their furs and venture out into the cold.

The river, which hugs the park's edge, is absolutely stunning this time of year.

In town, a new coffee stand just opened and was strategically handing out free drinks. We had to slurp them up quickly, though, as they cooled down almost right away.

The whipped cream on Tyler's coffee turned to ice cream in a matter of minutes.

With today's low projected to reach -40°, we are keeping as warm as possible with our wool, down, and thermals, because once you catch a chill, it's so hard to shake. 

Now, for some exciting news. In exactly two weeks, Tyler and I are heading to Prague. We are looking forward to exploring a new place, seeing some fascinating sites, and of course, eating some delicious food. If any of you have ever visited Prague or have any recommendations, please do share!