Midnight Picnic and Tubing

Midnight Picnic and Tubing

It was a cold winter's night, when my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to drive outside of the city in search of the northern lights. We'd leave at 10pm and drive off, six of us in pursuit of the elusive wonder, with hot tea, cookies, and chocolates on standby.

We drove away from the city, past the largest paper mill in Europe, over the train tracks, to a nearby village where we stopped at the top of a dark hill. The town's crier announced our arrival, a large and loud dog that broke free from its chain and ran toward us, tail wagging and mouth barking. 

It was -28°F (-33°C) while we stood in the middle of the deserted street, eyes peeled on the sky, clutching our hot tea, hoping for a glimpse of the lights.

We only saw a glimmer of the norther lights, but Lisa managed to capture it as best possible with her camera.  We'll try again soon.

My feet turned completely and utterly numb standing on the icy road, so once we got home in the wee hours of the morning, unable to shake the cold, I slept fully decked out in flannel pants, a fleece top, and wool socks. 

A few days later, the subarctic temperatures subsided and we spent another evening outdoors, but this time, sliding down large hills on inflatable tubes.

Neither Tyler nor I have ever been tubing, so we were excited and not quite sure what to expect. I think we both underestimated the speed, however.

After our cheeks hurt from smiling and my throat felt soar from screaming, we headed into the cabin overlooking the hill that my friend and colleague had rented for the evening.

We sat around the cabin's table, nibbled on fruit and sweets, while playing games, laughing, and staying warm.

I put together a short (not so great quality) video of our evening. Hope you like it!