snow/ снег

snow/ снег

The city is too beautiful right now not to be photographed. I love the way the snow sits atop the tree branches, blankets every sidewalk, and rests on the statues scattered throughout town.

Since the snow falls almost daily, it doesn't have a chance to turn brown (except on the roads, of course), leaving the city as a blank canvas, only interrupted by the color of trees and brightly colored winter clothes.

My dad even came for a visit on Christmas weekend.

My dad even came for a visit on Christmas weekend.

The three women, wife, mother, and daughter, of the fallen soldiers are even covered in snow, but the names surrounding them are cleared of snow daily, showing such an honor and respect for their soldiers.


Tyler's dear friend took us around town to a few shops we hadn't been in before the other day, including a delicious cafeteria, which we'll visit again soon.

The red berries are so festive this time of year, especially when they're cloaked in snow.

The local kindergarten's (daycare) paint is peeling and the windows have a few cracks, but it's charming and inviting, all the same.

This past month coasted by, and it's hard to believe that we're already on 2017's doorstep, about to ring the bell and see what awaits us on the other side. I'm excited for what will indubitably be a thrilling year full of more travel and new experiences.

Happy New Year! 

с новым годом!