Breakfast in Brooklin

Breakfast in Brooklin

I'm lucky enough to have access to the best of both worlds during my stay in Maine. My in-laws live inland while my mother lives on the cusp of the Atlantic shoreline. I wake up every morning with an orange light from the sun that rests ever so perfectly on anything it touches.

Once my head is off the pillow, I can peer out onto the bay from my bedroom window. If I'm up early enough, I'll see the lobstermen checking their haul. Getting up early has other perks as well, a perfect breakfast.

It starts with eggs plucked fresh from the under the hens' bellies.

I like my eggs over easy, so once the bottom has set and it's been salted and peppered, I give them an ever so graceful flip, careful to keep the yolk intact.


Now, choosing the right toast is important. Make it wisely, because there's nothing better than a slice of delicious, homemade rosemary bread, browned just so.

Taking your egg from done just right to over done, is a tricky road. Here's what I do (this is especially true if you're using cast iron). Once you've flipped your egg, turn off the heat. Let it just cook for another minute if you want your yolk runny, which really is the best way to have it.

So, there's nothing wrong with a simple egg and toast, but wouldn't it be just a bit better with something sweet? This is where the tastiest yoghurt comes into play. Cabot's full fat Greek yoghurt is heavenly, especially when topped with some good jam.

I know that the "full fat" part of the label might scare you away, but go ahead, give yourself a dollop and see if you care.

Let's just have another close up of that sweet jam.

Take your plate, find your happy place, and enjoy.