Welcome to New York City

Three years ago, my sister and I arrived in New York City for the first time. We did everything any tourist would put on their "to do list" and then some. This summer we decided to go again, hungry once more for another taste of Manhattan adventure.

We rose before the crack of dawn, drove to Portland and from there took a surprisingly comfortable bus ride into the city, where we were dropped off, just around the corner from Grand Central Station.

Excited, hot, and hungry, we scampered over to the subway station, sure to avoid Times Square itself (my least favorite place in the city), and made our way to Brooklyn to drop our bags, change our clothes, and explore our new neighborhood.

Prospect Park is a lovely nook in Brooklyn, full of life. The park itself is very well kept and has that New York charm that we were craving.

My sister, a photographer by nature, put this little piece together, forcing me to remember the positions from my elementary school ballet days in Belgium.

Just through the bridge, was a pond and boat house, practically reserved for the two of us.

We made a loop back to the subway and travelled into the city, our stomachs begging for an early dinner at Jing Fong. Our brother had introduced the place to us when he had met us in the city during our last visit. At that time we had to wait for nearly an hour before we were seated for dim sum. On this day, however, being a Monday at 4:30PM, we went straight up the long escalator and entered a dining hall with a few other early eaters.

The first thing you're given is pickled daikon radish. So satisfyingly crunchy, sweet, and salty. The waiter poured us each a serving of soy sauce and a small ramekin with spicy mustard and hot sauce to share.

After a quick drool over the menu (they only serve dim sum on the carts during lunch), we placed our orders.

My sister and I both agreed that my fish and spinach dumpling was the tastiest of all our treats.

The shrimp dumpling was ok, but we've had better. The dough around it was far too thick and gooey.

But just look at the rest of these beauties. My mouth is watering yet again.

After we stuffed our bellies, read our fortunes, and giggled as we shoved entire orange wedges in our mouths, seeing who could make the best face, we descended back to China Town's streets where we were met by an angry rain storm. We scurried home, soaking wet, but throughly pleased with our first day in New York. 

The next day, with a full forecast of sun, we knew exactly how we'd be spending it. Pop by tomorrow to find out what delicious and artistic things we encountered.