Prague Come Snow or Shine

Prague Come Snow or Shine

We woke up to a dreary Prague day, but it didn't keep us down, nor did it anyone else. Tourists were still out in the masses, enjoying everything the city has to offer. It actually never rained while we were here, instead it gently snowed in the morning and evening, which I much prefer anyways.

We were in search of a couple of museums, the first being the Museum of Communism which is located on one of the main shopping streets in Prague, Na Příkopě.

The museum itself is quite small, but filled with neat artifacts and history.


By the time we were done and back on the street, the sun finally was gracing us with her magnanimous presence. I think the Egyptians were onto something.

After turning down a few streets, vaguely aware of where we were, we successfully ended up in the historic Josefov, or more commonly know to tourists, the Jewish Quarter. We waited in line to get tickets into the cemetery, the oldest of its kind in Europe.

Some of the graves date back to the 15th century. It was well worth a visit and extremely interesting.

Carrying on with the day, we were in desperate pursuit of lunch. 


Luckily, a busy pub caught our eye, and oh. my. good! Lokal is simple, scrumptious, and satisfying: the three S's to live by.

We shared plates of sausages, sauerkraut, and friend cheese. Please order some fried cheese if you ever visit Prague. It's one of their many specialities.


It wasn't long after we walked off the lump of glorious cheese that a small window wafting out smells of dreams and all that is good caught my attention.

The Bakeshop appearantly has a few locations around the city, but we happened upon this tiny thing.

They have vegan and gluten-free options, but I went for the very perfect chocolate croissant. When the barista asks you if you want it warmed up, just nod quietly and wait...

We took ours to go and propped ourselves outside on a window ledge. My cappuccino was the best I've had in a long time and that croissant. Well my face says it all (and yes that's chocolate on my face).

We made our way to the Franz Kafka museum, but at its door we decided we'd rather soak in the daylight and wander.

Sometimes it takes us a few times to both look into the lens.

We had one more museum on our list for the day, The Mucha Museum. Alphonse Mucha was a Czech artist, known for his distinctive and easily recognizable pieces.

The sun was firmly below the horizon by the time we left. We were actually hoping to have seen Mucha's Epic, but sadly it was the wrong museum and not only that, it had left for Japan just days ago. Fortunately King Wenceslaus has a pretty impressive square that needed showing off. It's filled with shops, restaurants, a huge bookstore, and museums.

We walked off the square just a bit, not searching for anything in particular, and found a Vietnamese restaurant. Resisting a spring roll would have been too much to handle, so we gave in. Banh-mi-ba is a cute and affordable place to sit with a pot of jasmine tea and dunk some yummy spring rolls in a bowl of peanut sauce. Am I the only one that could eat peanut sauce on anything and everything?

Needless to say, we were pretty full from the day's fares, so after a long walk back to our hotel, a pop into the grocery store for some water and Tabasco sauce (we can't get it in Russia), we bought a couple of kebabs from the friendliest food vendor just across the street from our hotel and enjoyed dinner in our room, freshly showered, warm in our robes, watching BBC. Ahhh, vacation.