A Bowl of Elixirs

There's a nasty flu going around town and I caught my own version after returning from Prague. Between traveling and losing heat for a couple of days in -40° weather, I suppose it was inevitable. I drank buckets of tea with honey and lemon and nibbled on dry toast until my appetite began to reemerge. I went right for my go-to, but with a few healing adjustments.

Pomegranates are something I've never really eaten until I arrived in Russia, and now I'm addicted. They are one of nature's antioxidants and are filled with fiber and Vitamin C, among other things.

Tyler brought home some dried figs and beside the occasional Fig Newton, I've never eaten one. They are packed with fiber, and according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, they have more fiber per serving than any other fruit.

Honey, honey, honey. Where can I even begin? We've been eating raw, local honey which is the way to go no matter where you live as it fills you up with immune-stimulating properties. It soothes soar throats and isa much healthier alternative to sugar. The list of benefits is endless.

I wanted to incorporate all of these elixirs into my breakfast, so I made my oatmeal and got to assembling.

Dried figs are chewy and sweet, but fresh figs would be a dream as well.

I have never been one to deseed a pomegranate in a matter of seconds by just tapping a half with the back of my spoon. It takes mea  good 10 minutes to get every last morsel out.

They have this satisfying bite that is great in a bowl of soft oatmeal. 

I often add half a banana to my breakfast routine, no matter what I'm eating.

Now, for the golden step, honey.

I drizzle it generously all over, relishing in the way it melts into the nooks and crannies.

With a cuppa tea, also drizzled with a teaspoon of honey, I am well on my way to being back to my normal self....

...but I have to admit, this might just be my new regular combination, sick or not.