On Copenhagen Time

On Copenhagen Time

Whenever the opportunity to travel arises, I grab a suitcase and head off. It's especially lovely when your sister lives in one of coolest cities in Scandinavia, Copenhagen. As soon as the last class was dismissed on Thursday, I bid my students adieu (or rather, "farvel"), and rushed to the airport.

Less than 24 hours later, and after a quick stop in London, I was greeted by my dad at the airport. We headed right to my sister's place and caught up over a glass of wine and a few presents from stateside.

The next morning, breakfast was the first thing on all of our minds. Our first choice had an hour and a half wait (Saturday morning brunch rush is a thing everywhere appearantly), so we opted for a smaller, but equally cozy neighborhood haunt with no wait and a generous breakfast plate.

Full and well-caffeinated, we got in the car and took a short drive to a small coastal town named Helsingør, just 30 miles north of Copenhagen. None of us knew exactly what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised by its charm. 


There's something nice and even natural about trading in shorts and sandals for a long wool coat and a good hat once fall has landed.


After a good dose of meandering through utterly deserted cobble-stoned streets, we came to the town's center and popped into an old cafe for some coffee and cakes.



My grandma made the best bløtkake. It's a marzipan embodied treat with cream and jam!

We looked into a few shops, made a couple of purchases, both in the food and decor categories, before moseying back to the rainy city for just a tad more shopping.


We stopped in for a bottle of champagne at a corner place on the way to dinner.

That evening, we had dinner reservations at a great restaurant, where we just happen to know one of the chefs, my sister's boyfriend. He took the night off and joined us for an incredible and certainly memorable meal.

PMY was opened by three chefs, each hailing from a different part of Latin America, Peru, Venezuela, and Mexico.  

As soon as we sat down, cocktails came whizzing to our table, followed by a tasting menu that I won't soon forget and have often dreamed about since.

We ate everything from yucca to corn butter, from pulled beef to ceviche with leche de tigre, and of course a trio of incredible desserts, containing pineapple, tequila, and of course one with chocolate.


I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves rich and exciting flavors. Make a reservation and you won't be sorry. It doesn't hurt either that the staff is incredibly welcoming and knowledgable, on things food and drink. 

When morning came, Helen and I grabbed her bike in pursuit of coffee and clothes. Since my bike was on the way to our destination, we both climbed on hers.  We practically had tears running down our cheeks with all the laughter. I was trying to balance and steer while she held on for dear life. To say we had a few stares would be an understatement. We decided it'd be better (and safer for everyone) to walk the bike.

The day was beautiful and sunny, and everyone piled into The Coffee Collective for a Sunday drink. I brought a bag home to the US to savor.

IMG_7145 2.JPG

The Coffee Collective

Read about it here.


With our coffees in hand, we made our way through Assistens Cemetery. It's home to the resting place of many famous Danes, as well as a popular promenade destination. Just look at the grandeur of this path!


We eventually made it to my sister's friend's place, picked up a spare bike, and wheeled off to a clothing flea market across the water. It's so nice to bike around the city because it has been adapted so cyclists feel safe and protected. It's really the best way to get around.

The flea market offered lots of great brands. My sister walked away with an Acne Studios sweater and a bag full of shoes. Sadly, nothing pulled at my heart strings, well nothing in the clothing category.

Just around the corner was something far better, Copenhagen Street Food. My sister recommended a Thai place, the same she took my mom to over the summer. I had a sweet potato loaded with quinoa, cheese, onions, and topped with mustard. It's the strangest combination (one I'll be replicating at home), but I dusted it off, accompanied by a fresh spring roll. 

As we biked home, I couldn't help but stop and admire the late afternoon sun drenching the city as it tends to do.


Two very content sisters headed home for the day for an evening on the couch, watching movies. Ahhhhh, vacation.

More Copenhagen adventures tomorrow