Lunch and "Snacks"

The other day we had a strange craving for Granat's Caesar salad. Granat (Pomegranate) is a new Uzbek restaurant that I've mentioned before and they make the best Caesar salad. I never order this back in the US, or anywhere else for that matter, but here it's scrumptious and everything a proper Caesar should be.

Their dressing is homemade and actually has anchovies, the traditional ingredient that's often missing or underused in most recipes. The chicken is perfection, and their croutons are their homemade bread that I've raved about, toasted and brushed with garlic. I'm determined to ask them for their bread recipe before I leave, since mine didn't turn out quite like this.

We also ordered some fried pelmeni. They're filled with lamb and spices and while I don't typically care for lamb, the bites are so small that I don't notice. It's full of flavor and tastes even better when dipped in their spicy sauce (think a Central Asian take on salsa).

After our lovely lunch, we continued on to the shopping center to pick up a few things, and lucky for Tyler, his favorite local craft beer shop was open.

The have 16 beers on tap and they are all Russian.

While Tyler was discussing brewskies with the sales associate, I snapped some pictures of their vast snack selection. I've been meaning to for a while.

Now what goes better with beer than a helping of dried fish.  Yummy...

It isn't uncommon to find packets of the stuff in grocery stores or even being sold on the streets, but I think this will be one local "treat" I won't be indulging in.