We've all heard the old adage, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Whether its frying up an egg and laying it over a bed of avocado (oh, how I long for you), making oatmeal with all the fixins' or just pouring a bowl of cereal, it's good to have some variety.

Our neighborhood fruit lady always stocks up on the best of the best. Just recently she brought in some blood oranges. They're a perfect mid-morning snack or post-dinner treat.

The thing I'm most obsessed with; however, is oatmeal and pomegranates. I eat on average three pomegranates a week. They are so good poured over oatmeal, mixed in with yoghurt, or just spooned into your mouth sans anything else. I also eat oatmeal five times a week. I use a milk/water combo and add figs, banana, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon, and raw, local honey. I look forward to it most mornings. It also helps that each bag of oats only costs a quarter.

The local milk is really great. Back in the US I drink almond milk and Tyler drinks skim, but skim isn't really a "thing" here, so we go for the 2.5% which is just lovely. The condensed milk, boiled (center) and traditional (right) are real treats that we only indulge in on the weekends when we make blini.

I love rice cakes and it wasn't until a couple of months ago when we came upon these. They are honey flavored and we both love them so much that we buy them in bulk.

I always cut up some dried figs to add to my oatmeal and/or yoghurt. They don't look all that pretty, but they taste like sticky, gooey candies.

There's nothing like adding a dollop of good jam to your yoghurt to really give it some oomph.

Counter space is limited in our shoebox apartment, so Tyler and I are always maneuvering around each other when we prepare breakfast and lunch.

I do miss the variety of foods that home offers, but it's all about adapting to your new environment and finding what you like. You never know what you'll come across. I for one will be bringing my new-found pomegranate addiction home with me.