Yoghurt Bowls

I've been craving yoghurt lately and while I usually add some extra toppings to jazz it up, I was getting bored of the usual, so I began experimenting with different add-ons. I included some of my favorite combinations below. Just pick your favorite yoghurt and get to creating.

Banana, Fig, & Pomegranate

I also added some honey and my favorite muesli...just because.

Flax & Pear

Make sure the pear is juicy and ripe. There's nothing worse than an underripe pear. I used a teaspoon of flaxseeds which has LOADS of fiber and protein.

Apple & Cinnamon

I cut the apples into small, bite-sized pieces and added a bit of muesli.

And if you're feeling extra saucy, pop a cherry on top.

Cherry & Chocolate

I thawed some frozen cherries and spooned some of the juice into the bowl as well. I used a strip of dark chocolate, roughly chopped.

There are an infinite amount of combinations to be had. What are some of your favorites? Leave a comment below and I'll give it a try!