A Local Hangout

The other day, with stomachs grumbling and the sun in full salute, Tyler and I made our way through the snow to a local joint that serves up the best pelmeni in the city.

For those of you who don't know, pelmeni are Russian dumplings. They are traditionally filled with meat. The cafe where we ate lunch is fittingly called, Pelmenaya. The fare is served up in traditional Soviet style. The women behind the counter mean business and when they yell out that your order is ready, you better be ready too.

We gathered up a generous smattering of everything, including soup in the form of borscht and solyanka, a pirozhok stuffed with veggies, marinated cabbage salads, pickles, tea, and of course pelmeni topped with a dollop of sour cream.

Everything is homemade from scratch, including their speciality. You can see the cooks in the back rolling out the dough and stuffing the dumplings as you order.

The food is delicious and very inexpensive. Our entire meal didn't even break $10. The place is always busy, especially during the lunch hour, where you'll find parents with their children, businessmen and women, and police officers, all enjoying a meal.

The food keeps you satisfied for hours and warms you right up so you can keep strolling through town, despite the wind chill leaving us with -16°F temperatures, but hey, it's going to be in the 20's all week. It's practically a heatwave!