Hanging Out

March has been pretty uneventful. I've finishing up an online class and counting the days until our trip to Norway, when I'll see my brother and sister for the first time since summer, and where we'll celebrate Easter with family.

In the meantime, Tyler and I are keeping busy and really starting to miss food from back home. The locally made bread; however, is quite delicious and always fresh. Toasted and topped with some local honey is my favorite way to take it in the mornings.

I still haven't grown sick of pomegranate seeds or oatmeal or yoghurt for that matter. They're a staple in my diet here.

Fresh ginger is easy to get at the stores and is always in vast supply, so I buy large chunks of the stuff and add it to my tea throughout the day.

It's really hard to find tangerines/clementines/ mandarines without seeds, but when we do...heaven! These were sweet, delicious, and didn't force us to spit a mouthful of seeds into a cup after every bite, as has been the norm around here.

Monday was the most beautiful day yet this year. There wasn't even a shred of leftover cloud from the previous day.

Once April does strike, it will be a flurry of travel. After Norway for 10 days, Tyler will be heading even farther north for some research, after which we'll be spending a week in Moscow, followed shortly by a long weekend in St. Petersburg at the end of May. Then, before we know it, we'll be packing up and heading home, with a stop along the way that, as promised, I'll share when the time gets closer.