Weekends in Syktyvkar Vol. 5

Weekends in Syktyvkar Vol. 5

Saturday morning began as it typically does in our Ikea clad, fifth story apartment, with a stack of blini and a good helping of caffeine. We accompanied our sweet breakfast with some Netflix before heading out for a walk.

Not fully satisfied with our instant, tooth decaying coffee, we stopped in at our favorite coffee hut and filled up on some more. Bonus, it comes with a piece of chocolate. This week it was a mini KitKat bar.

We've switched to our "spring" coats. The only difference being that they have less down and don't cover our bottoms, but with the balmy temperatures in the 30's°F, who needs it?

Tyler grabbed a hotdog from the American themed HotDogger on the main street and we shared some potato wedges.

On Sunday, it was even warmer, so we went for a really long walk, wearing our waterproof Bean Boots, which kept our feet bone dry in the slush and pond-sized puddles.

The train station is at the end of the long main street and where Tyler first arrived when he first visited Russia in 2009. I have yet to go on a Russian train, and I probably won't before we leave.  Everyone says it's an "experience" and they kind of raise their eyebrows in a way that tells me it's the kind of "experience" I can manage to live without.

We finished our walk with a meal at Granat, a new restaurant I've mentioned before. We had our favorite waiter, always a plus, and sipped on tea while chatting about our upcoming trip to Norway.

After a stop at the grocery store to load up for the week, we came home, read, wrote, played a game of scrabble, and Skyped with friends back home. Then, our friend texted, saying she had a gift for us from Kazan. We strapped on our boots and shuffled down the stairs where she greeted us with two hefty pieces of baklava. 

It was sweet, chewy, flaky, and the kind of sticky that leaves you happily licking your fingers until every last morsel is accounted for.


Sunday's sunset was beautiful. Pictures never do it justice. With another week behind us, we're getting closer to Norway and we can't wait!