Norway Part 1: Arriving in the Mountains

Norway Part 1: Arriving in the Mountains

We just returned from 10 incredible days in Norway. It went by far too quickly, and we already miss the fresh mountain air, being surrounded by family, and skiing nearly every day. We've come home with tanned faces and rejuvenated minds.  But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me go back a bit to when it all began...

After arriving at the Oslo airport, and being met by my brother, sister, and dad, we jammed our suitcases into the already filled car and drove into town to have lunch with my aunt and a surprise guest, one of my cousins! It was so nice to sit around the big table and chat as if no time had passed at all. We were eventually all given our first Easter eggs of the holiday. You're never too old!

The five of us bundled back into the car and made our way to the hytte (cabin), making one stop at a local fish monger for some "fiske kaker," a much-loved Norwegian dish.

The farther up into the mountains we drove, the more snow that surrounded us, until finally we pulled into the beginning of the driveway, parked the car, and started trekking everything the remaining 200 yards to the hytte.

Tyler was so happy because he thought he was carrying two trays of beer, but it was only seltzer water. Brendan, however, hauled up the cases of wine, shortly after.

Between the five of us, it didn't take long to unload the car and ski box and put everything away. We got a second kick of energy when my dad brought out new skis and apparel for all of us, which we quickly lined up outside, per tradition, so they'd be ready to go on a trip at a moment's notice.

To start the holiday off right, and to celebrate all of us being together, we said, "cheers" or more appropriately, "skål!" 

The wood stove was lit ablaze and the chocolates were nibbled on, including a couple of boxes my brother brought from Belgium.

The first sunset of the trip was a pastel dream and with that we went to bed and Tyler and I slept better than we have in months.

Morning came with the smell of bacon, coffee, and the sound of the fire crackling in the fireplace, a truly nostalgic flurry of the senses. 

We all sat down together for a big breakfast, as we'd do every day to come, a true hytte tradition.

Taking in the beautiful day, we couldn't very well pass up the opportunity to take our new ski gear out for an inaugural run.

So, that's exactly what we did.

We came back to a sun drenched porch where we kicked up our heels, had some refreshments and snacks, while Tyler fired up the grill.

We ate a feast of moose meat and potatoes. It doesn't get much more Norwegian than that.

When the sun set just before nine, we took in another beautiful view, feeling pretty lucky, sitting on the couch, playing cards, and relaxing.

More skiing and adventures tomorrow!