Norway Part 2: Breakfast and Skiing

Norway Part 2: Breakfast and Skiing

Morning began as it had and would, with coffee, bacon, eggs, potatoes, yogurt, fruit, and many forms of "pålegg." We take our time, enjoy the company, and the view out of the breakfast nook window, and discuss plans for the day ahead.

Wednesday's included skiing under a beautiful sky, but atop very sticky snow.

Four of us ventured into the mountains, climbing farther and farther up, stopping every so often to scrape the snow from under our skis.

The snow became too patchy near the top, so we had to ditch our skis and walk the remaining quarter mile or so, sometimes sinking a good two to three feet into the damp snow.

It's a custom in Norway, dating back to the days of the Vikings, to bring chocolate with you on a ski trip (ok, so the Vikings came long before the chocolate bar was invented and even before the cocoa bean was brought to Europe, but if they had had it, I feel very confident they'd bring it). 

The chocolate of choice in Norway for such trips is Kvikk Lunsj. It looks like a KitKat bar, but it taste's SO much better. Tyler loves it and was happy to dole it out once we reached the summit of our trek.

For dinner we were invited to our neighboring hytte just a ten second walk away. You see my great grandfather built three hyttes, one for each of his daughters, back in the late 1930's. As time has passed, a child of each daughter has inherited one of the hyttes, so we have our own mini family neighborhood.

It's my dad's cousin who's taken over this darling place and it's so very cozy, warm, and comfy. 

Buster waisted no time in greeting us as we made our way down.

Astrid served up the best homemade tomato soup I've ever had alongside homemade foccacia. It was a real treat, of which I had two and a half bowls.

And for dessert, delicious banana bread.

After a lot of laughing, good food, and a few stories I'd never heard before of my grandparents, we made the walk just up the hill to our home, turning to see the sunset which had lit the sky on fire.

Tuesday morning came without a cloud in the sky and would have made for a beautiful morning in the mountains, but we had business in town.  Brendan stayed behind and went on a long skiing adventure of his own.

We were back by the afternoon, just in time for lunch. You can't come to Norway and NOT have a hotdog, a Leiv Vidar hotdog that is. They are a childhood staple and unbeatable.

Once Brendan came back, and after a little R&R, we drove to my uncle, aunt, and cousin's hytte not too far away. We had a great dinner and an AMAZING cheesecake, courtesy of Thea!

By the time we left, the moon had shown herself and lead us all the way back to our own little sanctuary in the mountains.

My sister was the early riser the next day and prepared breakfast for everyone. I could really get used to having a breakfast spread ready for me by the time I roll out of bed every morning. 

Over the course of the next two days, we went on more ski trips in varying conditions, one with just the siblings under a partly sunny sky.

And another sans sister in windy and snowy conditions, going off course and heading through the woods for a little makeshift adventure.

When the snow stopped and the sun came back out, we spent our afternoons snuggled up on the porch, catching some rays, reading books, sipping on tea, and completely losing ourselves in bliss.


And when the cold became too much, we'd rush inside, peel down to our long johns and curl up by the fire.

Not a bad way to spend a row of afternoons. We'd be getting up early the next morning for one of the best skiing experiences of my entire life in one of the most beautiful places in Norway. See you tomorrow!