Norway Part 3: Jotunheimen

Norway Part 3: Jotunheimen

It was a perfect day. We all staggered out of bed at 7:30am, pulled on our long johns, drank our tea or coffee with a quick breakfast, packed some sandwiches (and chocolate), and carried our skis to the car. It would be just under two hours before we'd be in a skier's dream (and an Instgrammer's paradise), making memories to last a lifetime.

I'd been to the town of Beitostølen before and into the Jotunheimen mountains, but never had I experienced such a day as we were going to have.

As we drove farther and farther up into the mountains, it became quite apparent from my backseat car window that Jotunheimen had no shortage of snow, as the patches of grass slowly disappeared.

As soon as we parked behind a string of cars stretching into the hundreds, we layered up and stepped into the cold, yet nearly windless and cloudless day. 

It took all of ten minutes before we were peeling off our layers, and by the end of it, Brendan was down to his t-shirt, if only for a minute (you can not pass up a photo op with this scenery).

The five of us headed into the white abyss, first following the beautiful tracks, and eventually going off course, making our own, which were then followed by other adventure-seekers.

Every so often we'd pass skiers sitting in the snow with their backs against a boulder, faces pointed towards the sun, napping in the perfection that surrounded us. 

As we ventured off course and towards a summit of our own, we decided that we too wanted to sit, enjoy the sun, and have lunch, so halfway up, we found a partially snow-covered boulder and made it our picnic blanket.

By the time we finished our lunch, it only took another ten minutes to reach the top of our mountain peak.

The way down was full speed ahead, made easier and far more exhilarating by creating our own paths in the powder.

Back at the foot of our mountain, we made a big loop, hoping it would lead us in the general direction of the road.

Somehow we managed to find our car, despite there being close to if not over a thousand of them lined up along the snow banks. There was an immense traffic jam heading in the direction of home, so we waited for a bit, giving some of us a chance to enjoy another chocolate nibble in the sun.

The conditions were flawless, making for a quintessential Norwegian spring day spent on skis in the mountains with family. I won't ever forget this day and highly recommend a trip if you're ever looking for an adventure.

We drove home, tired, but smiling, passing by the town named after our family (always pretty cool to see), and slept that night with tanned faces, looking forward to Saturday's festivities.