Norway Part 4: The Påske/Easter Finale

Norway Part 4: The Påske/Easter Finale

Everyone had their own set of tasks on Saturday morning. After breakfast, Brendan went out to make the ski race course, my dad picked up around the hytte in preparation for company, Helen did dishes, and Tyler brought in wood and water to stock up for the day ahead. I spent my morning making waffles, but you'll have to check in next week for how I made these (trust me, you don't want to miss it).


Before the main events, and after morning preparations, it was an assortment of grilled hot dogs and sausages for lunch at Astrid's neighboring hytte. Just the thing to fuel us up for the big ski race shortly after.

Traditionally we dress up in silly costumes or outfits for this very serious race. Every year growing up, it was slightly different from the last, always made in part, if not completely, by my brother. We take off in 30 second intervals, dodging trees and obstacles, while also looking for hidden items off the course.

I popped on the gorilla suit (that my dad owns...), and Tyler put on my pompom hat.

Once every last man, woman, and child had crossed the finish line, it was straight inside for waffles, coffee, tea, and prizes!

Cecilie was in charge of Irish coffee making, and as soon as I caught wind of this, I made a beeline for her.

She simply added a teaspoon or so of brown sugar to an empty cup, added hot coffee, gave it a good mix to disolve the sugar, added Irish whiskey, and topped with whipped cream. Voila!

Brendan very curiously won the entire race (hmmm), but at the hytte we're all winners, so no one goes home empty handed, and every person gets a colossal-sized Easter egg filled with goodies.

After prizes, coffee, and sweets, everyone went back to their respective hyttes, only to return a couple of hours later for wine, champagne, and cheese.

Everyone stayed late into the evening, chatting and devouring the cheeses. By the next morning, it was time to say goodbye to the hytte and head back into the city for our last night in Norway.

We made a very important stop on the way; however, at our cousin's hytte. There we were greeted by my three oldest first cousins and their kids. It started with piggy-back rides, everyone getting their turn, but at one point, while I was balancing two at once, the lunch bell thankfully rang, giving me a much needed reprieve. We ate pea soup, caught up, and laughed a lot! Sometimes, no matter how long it's been seen you've seen close friends or relatives, it only takes a minute to pick up right where you left off. 

After another round of goodbyes and lots of big hugs from little-armed cuties, we made the last stretch back. For dinner it was homemade sweet potato soup, followed by pasta. 

Morning came too soon with a big birthday breakfast for my tante (aunt), followed by packing up the car one final time and driving to the airport.

The four of us did a bit of shopping at the duty-free shops and then went our separate ways, each taking flights in completely different directions.

What a trip this was. I've raved about spring at the hytte to Tyler since we first started dating. We've been in the summer together a few times, but Påske ferie (Easter break) in the mountains of Norway, surrounded by family and snow, is unlike anything in the world. It's a huge part of my childhood, and I was so glad to relive it again after all these years.