Picnics and Sunsets

Labor Day (aka May Day) in Europe is May 1st, so on Monday we took full advantage of the fact that it was 70°F, the sun was shining, and our friends had the day off. We gathered into two cars, and the seven of us ventured out of the city and into a nearby village filled with dachas (cabins) and forest.

It didn't take long before it became very clear that we were no longer in the center of town.

We weren't the only ones with the idea to have a picnic. If you look closely through the trees below, you'll see cars parked throughout the field, where families and friends are enjoying the day.

Eventually, and after bumping down some very questionable dirt roads, we found a nice spot and spread our feast out on the picnic tables while the professionals got to work on the grill.

The shashlik was just the thing to be eaten in a forest on an unseasonably warm, spring day.

We sat on a blanket by the lake for much of the afternoon, chatting, nibbling, and being serenaded by song and guitar, until the sun slowly began to dip below the tree line.

On the way back into the city, we were treated to the most beautiful sunset.

Once home, we went straight to the window of our fifth-floor apartment and continued to watch the sky as it become a darker and darker shade of pink of purple, a pretty decent way to end the day.