One Month Until...

In exactly one month, Tyler and I will say goodbye to Russia. Before we make the final push back to the US, we're making a pit-stop. After three plane rides and two layovers, we will arrive in (drum roll please)...Paris, for six days of pure vacation! We found what promises to be the perfect Airbnb flat, complete with a terrace where I plan on having my morning coffee while reading Le Monde and getting fresh croissant flakes all over myself, without a care in the world. 

Tyler and I have been to Paris before, but years ago, and not together, so we're both really looking forward to it. Tyler's already planning on which cheeses he's going to eat. He's decided on all of them and I can't blame him. 

While I hold off packing my suitcase just yet (we still have some other domestic traveling to do before we leave the country), I'll stick to reading my latest book that I brought with me from the US and see if I can't become a bit more educated on the city's history.


I can't wait to write about and photograph

our time in Paris!

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It's surreal to think it's been eight months. We've had an experience unlike any other and it isn't over quite yet, so stay tuned for the last month of Russia posts (Moscow and St. Petersburg are upcoming).