Our Vaction's End in Maine

Mornings on the coast in Maine can be grey and cool, but if you blink, you'll reopen your eyes to a cloudless sky, bursting with sun. It was during the grey part of the morning that my mom and I went to Martha's Diner.


Martha herself works the kitchen, cutting onions, ringing up customers, smiling at anyone and everyone that sits at her counter.

The coffee is hot and plenty and the crab eggs Benedict is a thing of dreams. People wait in line to get a hearty breakfast at Martha's and for good reason. 

The next morning, we stayed in for breakfast, and took our coffee on the balcony overlooking the harbor.

Once caffeinated, we jumped in the car for a mini road trip to a small fishing village called Stonington, located on Deer Isle.

You'll know as soon as you've arrived, once the lobster traps start emerging from the shore and piers.

The houses on the main street are perfectly manicured and begging to be photographed.


The local coffee, 44 North, sold all over the state, is one of my favorites. We got there just before they closed, in time for a couple of iced coffees.

Stonington has a few cute stores and restaurants that are well worth a gander.


We ended the day back in Brooklin and on the beach.

The fourth came in a rush and I got up early that morning to make shortcake to go with the strawberry shortcake we'd be having later. I used this recipe, here

We watched the parade in town, a classic and nostalgic tradition. Later, lobsters were eaten on the beach.

On our last day in Maine, we went strawberry picking, another tradition that I was happy to be able to relive this year, despite the berries coming in very late this year.

Between Tyler, his parents, and I, we managed to fill 11 quarts of sun-drenched strawberries that went so well with the shortcake and some freshly whipped cream.

Tyler and his mom waving.

Tyler and his mom waving.

The next morning, we scooted our filled-to-the-brim station wagon out of Tyler's parent's driveway and headed west, with a quart of strawberries safe on my lap.