Winter in Maine

Last year, Tyler and I spent Christmas in Russia, followed by what remains to be one of our favorite trips ever taken, our holiday in Prague.  This year, we kept close to home, and we were equally excited. 

It always starts with a red-eye flight to Boston where we're met by Tyler's dad who is quick to suggest breakfast. We all know where we want to go, Becky's Diner.  No fuss, just delicious, home cooked food with fresh and local bread. That and bottomless coffee is the perfect antidote for a long flight's residual effects. If you're lucky, you can get a seat near the locals, just don't put your hand in the tank ;)

Typically, you're left full after a breakfast of eggs, sausage, home-fries, and bacon, but being in Portland, you can't head out without a stop at The Holy Donut. It's become a local institution, made famous for their delicious and unique cake donuts, all created with Maine mashed potatoes. It can't be missed.  We picked up a lemon, chai, a couple of different cannoli donuts, and a chocolate coconut.

There was a decent amount of snow when we arrived home, but Christmas Day brought nearly a foot. The entire break was spent frolicking in the massive amounts of fresh powder.

I also couldn't help but suggest that we make a tunnel.  Where there is a pile of snow, a tunnel must be made.  That's my motto. My in-laws' dog was happy to check it out and make sure everything was in order.


As winter break came to and end, we headed south again, but not before we stopped for a bite at another Portland eatery.  Duckfat has been on our radar for a couple of years.  We got there right as it opened, and already half of the tables in the very, very tiny place were filled up.  


Read about it here.


We ordered paninis all around. I had goat cheese, bacon, and tomato, Tyler and his mom had a cuban, and his dad, a turkey panini. After the meal, we decided that we would all go back again, but next time would just order a big plate of their incredible poutine and try their yummy looking soups that were being devoured all around us...oh and a milkshake for the road won't hurt either.

The entire two weeks were dreamy and magical, filled with family, snow, and lots of tradition, and now that February is around the corner, summer plans begin to take form. As always stay tuned.

Coming soon: a perfect cold weather soup and for your sweet tooth, the best biscotti and the most scrumptious coconut macaroons.