Breakfast A(almond)B&J Toast

I love strawberries. They plump the old fashioned way, under the sun, snuggled up against their friends, their roots blanketed in the earth.

I found a jar of Farfar's strawberry jam from last summer in the freezer. I let it thaw and opened the lid to reveal that familiar and nostalgic smell of sweet, sweet berries, thus Breakfast AB&J toast was made.


I love rosemary bread. It pairs perfectly with raw, almond butter.


I generously dolloped the strawberries onto the almond butter


I love when the juices seep into the bread and onto the plate.


The day before this breakfast, Tyler, his mom, and I went strawberry picking. The farm had some of the largest strawberries we'd ever seen. We'll let you know if we start growing an extra arm or toe.

This type of summer memory is one of my favorites. There's nothing quite like picking berries. I remember doing just that in my grandparents' yards, both in Norway and Maine, when I was a young girl. When your fingers are dyed red or blue from a day of pickin', you know that it has been a good day.